Accurate Roto Buddy

One of the hardest parts about using a roto hammer is getting the hole to go straight. Inevitably, the operator will think they are making a perfectly straight hole, but are actually leaning one way or another. One of our customers came to us with the idea to create an accessory to go with the roto hammer that allows the operator to know, without the shadow of a doubt, that the hole will be perfectly straight.

The Roto Buddy is useful for people of all trades!

Carpenters, electricians, and general contractors alike all have a use for the Roto Buddy. This easy to use design allows operators to make a perfectly straight hole. People in the field know how important it is to get a hole as straight as possible as efficiently as possible. This guide is easy to set up, use, and comes with a Hepa Vac adapter to vacuum up any silica dust that may be created while using a roto hammer. Not only does this Roto Buddy keep everything in line, it is also OSHA compliant.

Roto Buddy Video

Roto Buddy

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