Power Tank Air Up Chart

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Power Tank air up chart

This Power Tank air-up chart below allows you to see how many tires and how quickly you can air up tires depending on the size and what PSI rate you use with your Power Tank.

Power Tank 5 lb
Power Tank Air Up Chart

UTV and SxS

The UTV and SxS chart shows how many tires a Power Tank power shot bottle can inflate using one power shot, two power shots, or a 5lb power tank.

Powershot Sidearm Package A
10 PSI Chart

Air Tools

Air-powered tools can be operated at full power using your Power Tank. Below is a chart showing how many nails you’re able to shoot and how many lug nuts you can remove depending on the size of your Power Tank.

Impact Wrench
Removing lug nuts torqued to 90ft/ lbs.
Nail Gun Capacities

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