Power tank is a powerful portable air system that can easily air up a 40’ tire in under a minute, this means you can be back to fun in no time on all your off-road adventures. Power tank is such an all- around amazing product and is the only portable air system on the market with the capability to run air tools at full power.

Power Tank
Power Tank air tools

Power tank is such a versatile portable air system that is not just limited to off-road use and can be utilized to fully power air tools and is such an amazing product that can make your job that much easier with the convenience of being portable you can take your power tank just about anywhere. Power tank can also be found working hard on construction sites, towing services, and any automotive services.

 Power tank has even contracted with the Us Forest services and the UK Military to provide durable equipment that is reliable in the field. When you purchase your power tank you get a one-of-a-kind portable air system that is convenient, reliable, and durable.So, what are you waiting for get a great deal on your Power Tank now!

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A Fun Fact About Power Tank

Snorkel Tube Upgrade

Power tank was first assembled by hand in Steve Sasaki’s garage over 20 years ago, with the goal of making fast, portable, reliable air for off-road vehicles. Power Tank was made using CO2 bottles and off the shelf hardware. Years later after perfecting and improving, the power tank system now has expanded to include Super Flow™ a collection of mounting brackets, a full line of heavy-duty tire inflators, and high-flow Monster Valve tire stems. Power Tank also has a line of Nitrogen equipment for shock tuning, a set of off-road and marine-focused propane tank brackets, ARB and air locker kits, and mini–Power Tanks for quads and side-by-sides.

About Power Tank

Power Tank dimensions

Here is a Power Tank dimensions chart based on approximant weights. The weight of your Power Tank may vary depending on certain manufacturing differences. 

Black Power Tank- floor bracket
Power Tank dimensions chart
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