Power Tank Protection Kit Includes:


  • 1 Regulator Bag
  • 1 Hose Bag
  • 1 Tank Boot


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Protection Kit for Power Tank


As an avid off-roader, you know the importance of having reliable air tank tools to keep your tires properly inflated while on the trails.

However, these tools can take a beating from dirt, debris, and rough terrain. That’s where the Power Tank Protection Kit comes in.

This kit includes three essential items to protect your air tank tools from damage and ensure they stay in top working condition.

The first is a regulator bag, which is designed to keep your regulator clean and dry. This is crucial for maintaining optimal performance, as a dirty or wet regulator can cause issues with airflow and pressure.

The second item in the kit is a hose bag, which can be used to carry a variety of items including your air hose and inflator tools, as well as other gear like a tow strap. This bag also features a drawstring closure to keep everything secure.

Finally, the kit includes a tank boot, which is specifically designed to protect the base of your aluminum tank. This is the most vulnerable part of the tank, as it is exposed to impacts and abrasions when being transported or used on rough terrain.

The tank boot easily slides onto your tank and provides a sturdy layer of protection. It also widens the footprint of the tank, adding stability and preventing rolling if it is ever laid on its side.

Overall, the Power Tank Protection Kit is a must-have for anyone who relies on air tank tools for off-roading or other outdoor activities. It provides comprehensive protection for your gear, ensuring it stays clean, dry, and in top working condition for years to come.

This kit is an ideal addition to your basic Power Tank package and will help keep your tools clean and safe.



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