Toggle Kit One Axle Pneumatic Max. 300 PSI Power Tank




Toggle Kit One Axle Pneumatic Max. 300 PSI Power Tank.

If you’re like most offroad competitors, you’d rather have the simplicity and reliability of a total pneumatic air locker system. These air toggles include push-in compression fittings made to fit the ARB airline, so hook up is a breeze. Note: ARB has recently switched from a 5mm line to a 6mm hose. Please check to see the hose size of your ARB kit to ensure a proper fit with the Power Tank components.

The switch has a bulkhead fitting for a clean and easy installation. You can purchase a single switch or a pair of switches. If you are buying as a pair for a front and rear locker, one switch will have a split output to the other switch, so you only have to run one line from your air source.

Pair your switches with a pressure release valve assembly (ARB-0120) for a comfortable, complete solution to running your air lockers off of a Power Tank.

  • Toggle Kit
  • One Axle
  • Pneumatic
  • Max. 300 PSI
  • 5mm – (2) straight compression fittings, (1) elbow compression fitting


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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in