Tire Inflator Heavy Duty Power Tank (0-160 psi)


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Tire Inflator Heavy Duty by Power Tank. This is our Long Haul 0-160 psi liquid analog tire inflator so-called because it was initially designed for the high-pressure tires of RVs and motorhomes. Any tires between 50 and 140 are right in the sweet spot though this will work with any tires up to 150 psi. The two foot hose whip on this tire inflator will allow you to stand up fully while airing up.

Our tire inflators are designed in house and we spec only the highest quality components before we hand assemble them in our shop. You have a choice between our standard Euro clip-on chuck, a high pressure push-on chuck, or a dual head chuck. We spec only true Euro clip-on chucks so you know that tolerances are tight and they’ll grip your valve stem solidly every time.

The high pressure push-on (HiPPO) chuck has an even tighter hold as it grips in two spots instead of one, though it is wider at 7/8″ and may have issues gripping onto hard to reach stems. If you have dually wheels or alcoa wheels with hard to reach stems, choose a dual head chuck.

The strict tolerances in the pressure cast body and brass piston ensure a buttery smooth trigger action. They slide using tough EPDM O-rings that won’t tear when subject to the extreme pressures and flow rates of a Power Tank. The bleed button to let air out sits right beside the trigger and falls right under your thumb, exactly where you’d expect it.

The 160 psi gauge is filled with silicone and has a protective rubber boot. This is to protect the internals from vibration and drops. We use silicone because it doesn’t slow down in cold weather, unlike common glycerine filled gauges. It is accurate to +/- 3.2 psi. For increased accuracy, spec our 150 psi digital gauge. It is accurate to +/- 1.5 psi.

Every Power Tank tire inflator is fully rebuildable and each one comes with a five year warranty.

Details for Tire Inflator Heavy Duty:

  • 0-160 liquid analog gauge
  • +/- 3.2 psi accuracy
  • Two foot whip
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Five year warranty
  • Multiple chuck options

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 11 in