CO2 Bottle Power Shot Trigger No CO2 Bottle Power Tank


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CO2 Bottle Power Shot Trigger No CO2 Bottle from Power Tank. If you’re looking for the Power Shot Trigger Kit but without the bottle this is the kit. It includes the Trigger Regulator, air hose with push-on chuck, tire pressure gauge (0-50 PSI), and a zippered carrying pouch.
You supply the bottle. Fits onto 9oz., 12oz., 20oz., 24oz., 40oz. CO2 bottles with paintball style Pin Valve (323 style). It does not work with on/off valves.

Details for Power Shot Trigger No CO2 Bottle:

  • Power Trigger Regulator
  • Hose and chuck
  • Pencil pressure gauge
  • Zippered Storage Bag
  • Mini Plug Kit
  • No bottle included


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 6 in