New Parallel Stand for Concrete Core Drilling

We have customers from all walks of life that need machining work done for all kinds of reasons. Recently, we had a concrete cutter come to us with the need for a parallel stand for concrete core drilling. Concrete cutters have had a hard time drilling parallel holes efficiently from the beginning. Until now, there has been nothing on the market to make their lives easier. Our customer came to us with an idea and by working together we were able to come up with a solution to his problem.

The parallel stand for concrete core drilling is a first of its kind.

It allows concrete cutters to core drill a hole on an angle and still be accurate. Not only is it easier for the operator of the stand to use, but it is easier on the equipment as well. Before this stand, cutters that needed to core a parallel hole had to use a makeshift device that would inevitably fail or would give poor results. This stand is highly durable and moves forward and backward to give concrete cutters the articulation they need.  

Parallel Stand Video

Parallel Stand for Concrete Core Drilling

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