One of a kind Angle Stand for Concrete Core Drilling

Angle Stand for Concrete Core Drilling. Our machine shop is as custom as the needs you have in your industry. We have been able to work with concrete cutting companies that have all expressed the need to be able to core drill at an angle for one reason or another. Concrete cutters have had a hard time drilling holes at an angle efficiently since there was previously nothing on the market to allow for that much movement. Until now.

The angle stand for concrete core drilling is a game changer.

This angle stand allows concrete cutters to core drill a hole on an angle and still be accurate. Not only is it easy for the operator of the stand to use, but it is easier on the equipment as well. Before this stand, cutters that were asked to core on an angle had to use a makeshift device that would inevitably fail or would yield poor results. This stand is highly durable and moves up and down to give concrete cutters the articulation they need to reach that perfect angle.

Angle Stand for Concrete Core Drilling

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